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Atlanta Arborist

Tree pruning specialists always emphasize how important pruning is always to a tree in numerous facets of its life. Arborists focus on pruning because it will help trees better withstand storms, grow healthy and avoid infections from bugs and disease. There is a distinction between pruning and trimming procedures in that trimming is usually for aesthetic reasons while pruning is mainly about the tree's general health. Despite those differences you will hear several myths that must do with tree pruning. Some are extremely widespread that folks believe them rather than question just how much truth there is certainly behind those statements. Listed below are the most notable common myths you will learn about pruning.
Atlanta Arborist
Myth 1: Trees Grow Fine Without Pruning

Many people can look at the trees inside a forest setting and believe that trees always grow great naturally. The only problem your assertion would be that the trees inside a more urban setting will always have different needs. Arborists will show you that trees inside a city like Austin face different things compared to those that you'd find in wooded areas and this means pruning could be the one of the ways that you must you can keep them looking great constantly.

Myth 2: Healing A Tree By Cutting Near the Trunk

Another myth that specialists will disavow is the the one that states that in the event you cut close to the trunk the tree will heal faster. You should realize that healing trees is kind of a myth itself. They don't really heal exactly as an individual would and that's why pruning is very important. You're removing the infected parts which means that your tree can grow better and with no disease anymore. For this reason pruning differs from tree trimming services that only are designed to have your tree look better.

Myth 3: Pruning Wounds And Wound Dressing

Dressings are petroleum based products just like sealants and they are found in fresh cut wood to avoid insect infestation and decay. However, you will need to recognize that some research indicates that using this type of dressing may cause the moisture to become sealed in and so cause decay. Eventually with such products could cause different cracks which might expose your tree to different pathogens. New layers of wood will also be slowed up if you use wound dressings or similar products.
Arborist Atlanta
Myth 4: Spring Pruning

Regardless of what services you are looking for, be it pruning, trimming or other services the experts will be glad to handle myths regarding spring pruning. The idea is the fact that some trees like birches and maples bleed out when cuts are carried out early in the spring. The type of bleeding that you see from pruning is generally not vital that you the entire health of the tree. You can find, obviously, a few exceptions however your trees may be pruned at any time of the year. The best times to prune your trees need its flowering period although the tree is in dormancy.
Atlanta Arborist